Plasma Cut / MIG Pressure Vessel

Project Summary

Product: Energy Transportation Pressure Vessel

Process: Cylinder Body Sub-assembly Fabrication, Cylinder Head Sub-assembly Fabrication, Cylinder Final Assembly Fabrication

Materials: 0.25” to 1.00” High Tensile-strength Steel

Joint: Fillet and Seam

Weld Type: Plasma cut openings and GMAW

TW Automation Solution

Customized turn-key solution

Robot: FANUC ArcMate 120iB/10L with R30iA controller

Features: FANUC Touch Sense and Through-arc Seam Tracking, FANUC Torchmate, Collision Guard and Payload ID, FANUC Coordinated Motion; FANUC GMAW utilities, Auto-cut 300-20 Plasma Cutting System and high-freq. shielding, WeldPro offline programming application, Quick Connect tool changer + Cleaning and wire trimming stations

Robot Mount: Floor-mounted robot riser, tip maintenance station and tool changer on common positioner base

Part Positioner: 2 x Headstock / tailstock with max load of 6,000 lbs. per pair, FANUC servo direct-drive headstock,  22” x 7/8”mounting table, FANUC servo direct-drive tailstock, 22” x 7/8” mounting table, Max backlash = +/- 0.5 arc minute, 2-up fixture for cylinder caps, mounting chucks for HS and TS