Large Vehicle MIG, Inverted Gantry

Project Summary

Product: Military Support Vehicles

Application: Fabricate vehicle sub-assemblies, build final assemblies, multiple vehicle configurations

Materials: .125″  to 1.50″ steel

Joint: Fillet and butt

Weld Type: GMAW

TW Automation Solution

Customized turn-key solution

Robot: Motoman EA1900 with NX100 controller serving two work stations.

Features: Touch sense, water cooled torch, torch alignment block, Cleaning and wire trimming station, Bi-optical auto path tracking and auto TCP shift, Automatic recovery of arc failure

Robot Mount: Custom side-beam gantry with 37’ linear travel, Supported on two stanchions, repeatability +/- 0.005”, Rack and pinion drive, 2’/sec max travel speed

Part Positioner: Coordinated motion head-stock / tail-stock per station, Max load = 9,000 lb balanced capacity, Max part size = 144” x 90” x 20”