Aluminum, Side-beam Gantry

Project Summary

Product: Food Processing Equipment

Process: Final Assembly Fabrication

Materials: 18 ga. aluminum

Joint: Fillet

Weld Type: GMAW

TW Automation Solution

Customized turn-key solution.

Robot: 2 x FANUC Arc Mate 120 iB/10L with R-J3B controller

Features: Lincoln PowerWave F355i inverter integrated with R-J3B controller; FANUC ServoTorch; Water cooling system; FANUC Torchmate, Collision Guard and Payload ID; 64mB offline program backup and restore card

Controls: Pedestal-mount Master Operator Console, 6.4” touch screen pendant

Safety System: Light curtains, arc shield and hard perimeter fencing; Redundant interlocks with e-stops

Robot Mount: Fixed-position side-beam mount gantry

Part Positioner: 3-axis “H” turntable providing two work stations; All axis direct-drive servo and integrated through R-J3iB controller; 18” dia. headstock table; 10” dia. Tailstock table; Max load = 500 lb. per station; Max size = 102 5/16” x 40” diameter