Aluminum, Pulse on Pulse MIG

Project Summary

Product: After-market Car Customization Parts

Process: Fabricate Complete Assemblies

Materials: Aluminum

Joint: Butt

Weld Type: Pulse on Pulse MIG

TW Automation Solution

Customized solution; integrated with customer’s existing parts fixtures

Robot: FANUC ArcMate 100iB with R-J3 controller, Lincoln Powerwave 455M/STT dual mode inverter

Features: FANUC ServoTorch, water-cooled neck with CoolArc chiller, ARCLINK comm channel delivers pendant-based control of 455M, Added memory & logic for off-site program storage & upload, Torch Guard collision prevention and detection, Auto-TCP re-alignment, torch mis-alignment compensation

Safety System: Fail-safe hard barriers, zone ring, and redundant electrical door, Table interlocks and arc screen

Robot Mount: Floor-mounted riser with common positioner base

Part Positioner: Customer-provided table with side-by-side part shuttles