2-Arm MIG, Ferris Wheel

Project Summary

Product: Premium Commercial Mowers

Process: Fabricate Large and Mid-size Sub-assemblies

Materials: 14 gauge – 0.25″ Steel

Joint: Fillet and Lap

Weld Type: GMAW

TW Automation Solution

Packaged turn-key solution. 

Production volume was a priority. Motoman’s ArcWorld, configured with two floor-mounted arms system and the flexibility of independently configured “A” and “B” sides was an easy decision.

Robot: Motoman ArcWorld weld cell, 2 x MA1900 Arms with DX100 Controllers

Features: Through-arm cable routing, Torch collision detection, alignment block, water cooling, and cleaning and wire trimming stations

Safety System: Light curtains, hard perimeter fencing, and redundant interlocks.

Robot Mount: Floor-mounted riser with common positioner base

Part Positioner: Ferris Wheel with 2 x coordinated motion headstock and tailstock, single or 2-up parts fixtures on either or both sides, Max load = 1,000 lb balanced capacity per side, Max part size = 84” x 90” cylinder, Repeatability = 0.0005” per inch of radius